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Hello, my name is Kaelen. Art always came natural for me very early on (certainly by age 2). My passions include freelance designing books, and illustrating for a cultured magazine to creating unique graphic designs for press for clients' local and remotely for their B2B commercial services.  

My name is Kaelen Felix, I am an illustrator and graphic art designer with five years of expertise in Illustration, print production, pre-press with graphic design. I graduated from Memphis College of Art with my Bachelor's in Fine Arts (2018). Then, I went from a freelance artist to a four-time award-winning illustrator after publishing seven children's books! Even though that's where my career began, I have experience working for a  digital marketing media company for print media publishing as one of their Production Assistants. 

Recently, I was published in a quarterly creative and engaging magazine based in Memphis, Tennessee, ARTist Feature Magazine. I became the "Fine Artist" nominee and rose to the top of their publication. Myself and 99 other amazingly talented artists from across US and above became praised for our accomplishments, even my colleagues from the UK were nominated as well. 

During the pandemic, I got to work with Tracy Frank (Hinson),  a news meteorologist for  KSDK 5: On Your Side in Saint Louis around Christmas! My work has become recognized fromTracy Frank (Hinson) to CEO and Editor/Model Vaughn Lowrey at 360 Magazine.

I have produced so much work for clients that include Amazon, KDP Amazon, and CreateSpace, and one of the founders of EL4KIDSCORP, a non-profit foster and adoption organization that collaborates with the president to raise funds and awareness related to the orphanages, adoptees, and foster children who have a potential match for a home. I also served as a Social Media Chair Member for AIGA (in STL) to assist with their social media and marketing.

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